Monday, November 8, 2010

Are Coffee-Makers Magic?

If you came here from Facebook as most of the "hits" here do, than you probably expect some sort of commentary regarding coffee-makers and the heat potential thereof.

If that is the case then I have three questions.
1) Why do you want to read about that?
2) Did you actually think that was what was on my mind?
3) Did I use both "than" and "then" correctly above? I second-guess that a lot.

To respond to question #2. That is not what was on my mind. Well not really. I guess to some extent it had to be though? Or else where did the words that I typed into Hadria come from?

Oh yes, Hadria is my computer. As you know, maybe, my phone's name is Samantha. Sorry if you find that insulting Samm, but you are just a phone. Sometimes I have to put her in her place.

But Hadria is my laptop. I just named her about 2 minutes ago. If it wasn't for this posting that will eventually be about coffee to some extent, she might have never gotten a name.

Well, I Googled girls names that start with the letter "H" and Hadria was #6 on the list. Why "H" you ask? Well her initials are HP, sooooo. And when I read the meaning of the name Hadria, I knew it was meant to be.

Hadria means "dark one" in Latin, I guess. And since my computer is black and I am light brown, I thought it was very apropos. Also interesting - I believe that is the first time I have ever typed the word apropos. Yep. I had to Google that to make sure I spelled it right. I didn't. I used 2 P's at first. That was not apropos.

Anyway, I am being a little overly-random right now, so please see the link below for information about girl names starting with the letter "H." Yes, Hadria is also a female and no I am not looking at baby names for any other reason. Picking my favorite from the two I have is hard enough.

In conclusion. I no longer feel like writing about coffee. But I'm sure I will another day.

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  1. I believe "then" is a conclusion and "than" a comparison but I am surprised you don't know!!