Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick messages to address nothing

A few people have begun to follow me this week. By a few I mean 3. Thanks for joining.
P.S. You're crazy.

None of the people that became globberees are named "Leaf" but it is fall.
If you would like one of the fall-themed photos that will be on the right-hand side of the page later this week, either hit me up here or on FB - that's short for Facebook. I have some 8x10 and some 12x16. I would only ask for production costs to be covered.
- printing $2.59
- shipping $1.59
That should cover it.
- oh no wait, camera rental fee $5.00
- talent fee $575

Seriously, how many leaves...
(A brief side note to Mr. Leaf in parenthesis: Dear Mr. Leaf, why do you drop the "f" and pick up a "v" when you get friends? I don't agree with it.)
...continue glob...How many leafs do you think there are outside? Definitely more than hundreds. Maybe billions? Nope. More than googal?

(A brief parenthetic note to God: Dear Mr. Leaf, JK. Dear Lord, Are there more leaves in the world (including ones that are on the ground and less than 50% decomposed) or grains of sand (sand grain would need to be larger than 10 microns). JK again. I don't even know what a micron is. Also, what is the total count for each as of this Caturdaf at 12:34 EST? Thanks.) P.S. That was not a pirate emoticon after the word "Thanks." But this is a naked girl with puffy hair lying down with her hands behind her back and picking her head up off the floor to look at her toes *:<

Everyone else in the world, wouldn't you like to know maybe just a rough count for the leaves and the sand? It's mind-boggling. But my guess is that there is more sand.

P.P.S. Dear God. As if you weren't all-knowing, I don't count pine needles as leaves.

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