Friday, October 29, 2010

Words that actually came from my head

I just wanna erase all lines of my loaded DVR.
Cause when i look random shit up I gotsta scroll so far.
To just git to the end of my long play-list.
Plus im kinda sick of debating to watch or not The Mentalist.

I imagine and I dream of what it might look like.
Zero lines of digital clutter because they took a hike.  
I might be able to rid my life of all dismay.
If all the shows I'll probably never watch were just gone away. 

Hold up, full-deletion might not be killa or great.
It might just lead to a sealing of my lax-a-daze-ick-el fate. 
'Cause another issue, non-remote-like, we'd have left at hand. 
Even if my DVR is blank...I've got miles of shows to watch on on demand. 


My apologies about promising you a 5 minute poem. This took me six. If that offends you in any way, just go back to the top of the poem as if you are going to read it again and only read the first line. That will likely piss off the poem.

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