Thursday, October 28, 2010


Why do people say one thing and do another?
Why do you say..."Let's meet at 7:45AM on Thursday."...when you don't plan on showing up?
And, AND, WTH would you text me at 7:55 to say you might not make it?

Didn't you know that at 7:44? That you weren't a minute away? Do you have a magic time-stopping machine that was temporarily out of commission...that you thought you could repair by 7:44:59 and if fixed in time and then if used in conjunction with your teleportation machine, you could have still been here at 7:45. I mean, even that would assume that you could teleport within one second. I'd imagine it would take one second just to push the "beam me" button..let alone the amount of time it takes to deconstruct every fiber of your being into a code and then reassemble you elsewhere.
OH! You don't have a time-stopper or teleportation machine? Really? REALLY?!?

They why the F%#@ don't you give me more than negative ten minutes to possibly change my plans for the day? Or maybe, maybe just a heads up that you're running late.

Sure, I'd feel bad if I found out after the fact that you had a heart attack and died, but that is not likely the case. Most likely - you are a douche bag and you lack common courtesy.

But...your quoted price for the work was $1,000 less than the next guy and you allegedly do good work. SO...I'll bite the bullet.

Plus, your lack of respect gave me time and a topic for a post.

Also interesting... the first 14 digits of Pi - 3.141592653589

Yep, I did it. There are only 13 digits...showing that is. The rest are infinite.

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