Monday, October 18, 2010


If you have been clicking "refresh" on your browser for the last several days in anticipation of the return of the glob, I apologize. I have several things that I needed to address on the morning of my glob's alleged return based on unreliable people. So, although my first glob back was supposed to be joyous, I had to start my day angrily and mostly globless. My frustration comes from the fact that the average age of my employees is 19...and the average mentality of people that average 19 years old these days is actually 14. Enough on that for now.

Why do some people read the number "0" as "oh." There is in fact a letter that looks a little bit like a zero, but last I checked, numbers are not letters. So the number "0" should be pronounced "zero." Unless you are surprised to see it appear somewhere, then I guess you could say "oh" in a surprised manner at first. But you should not use "oh" to describe the number itself, should you? I think I have an explanation as to why people abuse the pronunciation of the number and say it the same as it's slightly more portly cousin-in-law letter "O." Why is the "O" fatter anyway? Whose idea and/or choice was that? 10 extra credit points for anyone that can come up with the same reason that I did for the reason people call zeros ohs.

It's slightly less equally perplexing as to why people pronounce the word "moot" as "mute." But this is quite obviously a pop cultural issue. See...Rick Springfield in his song "Jesse's Girl" uses the word "moot" in a very loose poetic-licensy sort of way as follows: "You know i feel so dirty when they start talking cute, I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot."
You see, this song was soooooo popular in the 80's that people actually started to confuse the word moot with mute and pronounce them the same...because that would have sounded more rhythmic in the song. Don't believe me? Ask 5 people to complete this sentence..."If you are trying to make a point but you don't think that it matters or that the point might not sink in with the listener, you say...I'd be making a _____ point." Half of the people will say "mute." Sorry Mr. word moot, 1/2 of the people out there don't know you. Freakin' Rick Springfield.

Please reply below if you have a thought on the oh versus zero thing.

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