Monday, August 17, 2009

What is random

This morning, I realized that not keeping up with posts every 2-3 days is counter-productive towards my growth objectives. Because if I don't post regularly, it will be tough to keep people coming back. Plus, if I only post once a week, I better lay down some really interesting stuff on the old globby, or people will lose interest. Also, as many of you know, I had the goal of growing my glob to worldwide exposure by next October. To stay on pace, I would have needed 7 new followers last week, but I only got one. So my new goal is 100 people by the year 2022. That seems more realistic. Or, if I can get 7 people this week, I'll be back on track and will only have to delay my 7 Billion followers goal by one week. I'll be happy either way.

Here's a little The Tef proverb for you.
"An argument rooted on an emotional premise, has no sound base."

Not based on that quote in any way, did you know that Google has only been a public company for 5 years? Think about that. They went from nothing to both a noun and a verb in just a few years. It's true, you can Google it on Google. A verb that you have to capitalize. What a pain in the ass. Google now has huge search market share; they host free globs; they have an Internet browser; they run the Internet advertising show; and they even have a smart phone. I wonder what is next?

Also, would you believe me if I told you that the wholesale club concept has only been around for 25 years? An entire retail segment that has shaped the way that many people buy everyday goods, did not exist when I was 11 years old. BJ's Club was the trend-setter here. They reported solid earnings today. And they continue to do well in this penny-pinching environment.

It's crazily crazy how quickly things happen. No? Google was not a household name 5 years ago.

Sticking with the "how fast things happen and what is next" theme of today's glob. Watching Bloomberg this AM, Chinese stock markets have fallen 20% in two weeks. But before that, they were up 50% so far this year. They are now calling it a "Bear Market" there. I call it a correction. Regardless, it's a big swing both ways in a short period of time. I think it will bounce back nicely in the next few months.

I wonder what the next big thing will be? I am going to go work on it after this upcoming "lastly" section.

Lastly. I was thinking about whether randomness makes sense and whether or not there was a big philosophical tie between the way that we look at the world and randomness. I think there is. In fact, randomness or the lack thereof may be all that matters. Here's my take:

If you believe in chance, then everything is random.
If you believe in fate, then nothing is random.

In between is karma. You get what you give.

Good day my peeps.

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  1. If you believe and have faith, possibilities are endless.