Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pump it up and vote in 2012...

So, sometimes the site shows people that follow my glob as "followers" and other times as "members." No matter, thanks for joining. And welcome to Bernie. Glad to see you aboard. Your click as a member keeps the 38% growth for this week on track. One more per day this week and we'll hit the 25 mark by end of the week.

To assist with my unrealistic growth prospects, please invite random friends to join. They don't have to know me to enjoy randomness. Only prerequisites are a sense of humor and a little bit of concern for human well-being. I say that because sometimes I post human interest items and also because they should most likely be concerned about my sanity because many of you have already commented on such a topic.

If you want to invite them via e-mail, you can just copy and paste the below:
Subject line (do not copy this part or the part to the left):
Check Out My Friend's Blog, I Mean Glob

Body Text (do not copy these words or the "Body Text" text):
I follow a blog that I thought you might find amusing. The guy that writes it is all over the place and he actually calls his blog a "glob" to be ironic. Sometimes funny, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes just totally random and sometimes funny. Did I say funny twice? Yeah. In fact, I just copied and pasted his words from his site to invite you. [hello new potential member - The Tef] Check it out at:
If you enjoy it, you can become a member or follower on the right hand side of the glob. Yeah, I said glob.

Moving beyond the membership drive, if you have any doubt about the current US President and his team's capability to run the country, just look at the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Not a bad idea in spirit. "Maybe a little rich per car" was my first inclination.

But how the heck can you estimate that a program will last for 3 months and end up being wrong by a multiple of 30!!! It lasted a few days. I didn't even hear about it until the stories hit that it was underfunded. Was any research done? Did anyone ask the average American as to whether or not they would take advantage of such an opportunity? I could have told you it was a great deal, that's why I said it looked rich. Seriously, these guys are running a multi-trillion effort to save the world's economy and they can't even get one program even close to right? UUUUGH!! (Proper use of double exclamation point)

We need a businessperson to run the country. Now and always. FYI, I voted for Perot when he ran. I wonder what things would be like if he actually won?

Regardless, it's raining outside and my glob is my only job, so here is one final thought:
Would you rather have $2,000,000 right now, or a penny doubled every day for a month?
***A penny will be mailed to every glob member who posts a comment with the correct answer and how much a penny gets you when doubled every day for a month. This will only be one penny, the growth for the rest of the month is up to you! [somewhat of a waste of an exclamation point but only digitally, unless you also print out these posts. Then some ink was wasted on the exclamation point and more on the explanation]

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