Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nothing Much

Welcome to my 5 new "globberees" this week. That's 38% growth in 7 days. At this pace, the entire world will be on board with The Tef by October 6th, 2010. Not bad. Unless of course there is a huge jump in worldwide population growth and we cross the 7.5 Billion people mark. Then it will take a week or so later. See the illustrative chart to the right. Compounding is pretty powerful, no?

If you have children not of age to use a computer yet, please establish a profile on their behalf in Google or Yahoo! (what's up with the exclamation point?) or the like and add them to the "Members" list below.

As mentioned, here is a paragraph from my executive summary page from my recent business plan:
"When I was 12 years old, I worked on a farm picking sweet corn. Hating the 4:30AM wake up call and the 50 cents per bag that I earned to the tune of around $10 per day, I decided to do something about it. Knowing that a bag of corn sold for nearly $20 when retailed, I asked my boss how much he would charge me per bag wholesale. The math worked out to a 50% margin for me and my door-to-door sweet corn sales business was launched. My first week, I made as much money as I had made picking corn during the entire previous month. And I was working from 4-7PM not 4-7AM. Now that's pretty sweet. I still picked corn from time to time and I kept my job on the farm but there was nothing like the feeling of being in business for myself. Since those days, I have always had the desire to branch off on my own again."

In conclusion, I can't stand left-lane drivers. Especially the ones that you know are hanging out in the left lane and driving exactly at the speed limit to be all goody-good. As if to say, "If you want to speed and break the law, you non-law abiding nut, you'll have to go around me and put a minor amount of strain on your tires and travel a tiny bit farther than you had anticipated on your little law-breaking trip." UUUUGH! [That is the appropriate use of an exclamation point]

Have a globbulous day.

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