Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Truly Random

[Just wanted to get a few things off my mind. {Since the whole note today is random, it is all in brackets. These are just sub-brackets to explain the overall bracket usage.}

If you have not done so, please vote to the right regarding my 15,000th day alive party. See my 7/27 glob for more info.

My topical glob schedule by self-titled days of the week have not been working out. Mostly because I ignore them. But today I have a new topic that will just come up randomly: "Things that I did today that I did not mean to do." From now on, when one of these items arises, I will denote the item with a double asterisk and the word "honk" followed by a colon. If the items warrants further explanation, I will do that in a sentence or paragraph immediately following the item.

**honk: Today, I washed the outside shell of an egg before I broke it. I am not sure why I did that. But I guarantee it was one of the cleanest eggs that I have broken this week. I think I eat a lot of eggs.

Also, I have a new e-mail address that I may use in the future. I wonder who will be my first e-mail sender? It's a g-mail address, so I can send bigger files when necessary, but I still hate Google because of their imminent world domination. The address is:
Send a message to me there. I have never used it and I may never, but if I do and you send a message to me, I will likely read it or at least "preview pane" review it. Only my glob followers even know that this e-mail exists. Please don't tell anyone else.

Did you see any meteors last night? I saw 10 or so. Kinda cloudy but more like hazy, so I only saw the bright ones. Not nearly as cool as the ones I watched with Hathaway on his townhouse garage roof back in 2000 or 2001 or 2002? Those were awesome. Because of the sky that night, most of them looked green and they were very huge. They looked like someone was taking Yoda light sabres that kids play with and throwing them backwards (i.e. handle first) over your head from a tall ladder. Yeah, they were that big.

This is my 22nd glob.

This is the fifth to last sentence of my 22nd glob.

Sloane makes a lot of sounds when she is sleeping. Just a simple move of her foot or her holder sitting up will get her squeaking. We would like to come up with a nickname for her as a result. Please select one from the list and comment or choose your own:
- Squeaky
- Mini (after Minnie Mouse but more like mini-me)
- Beeker (i.e. The Muppet professor's assistant)
- Peeper (like Mr. Peeps from SNL)
- Terry (because many of her sounds sound like a baby teradactyl)

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  1. I vote for Squeaky! That's what my parents called me when I was little!